Bullying Prevention

Does your child complain of being teased at school? “Teasing” is not a normal part of a middle school student’s school life. Students have the right to come to school and get an education not be teased or made fun of for any reason.  If the “teasing” becomes repetitive in nature, hurts your child academically, physically or emotionally, or interferes with their normal behavior – the “teasing” has escalated to bullying and must be stopped.

Students can report bullying or harassment anonymously, by filling out a report in the Guidance Office, report it to a teacher, guidance counselor, call he Speak-Out-Hotline, or having a parent fill out a parent report form in the office or from the school website.

Faculty and Staff: All faculty and staff members have been trained on how to recognize bullying, the proper procedures for reporting bullying and the SCPS Bullying Policy.

Who to Contact: If your child is feeling like he or she is being bullied at school please see a teacher, administrator or staff member right away. Once this is reported it will be investigated by the school.


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