Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Positive Behavior Support Information for Families and Community Members

What is Positive Behavior Support?

  • A process for creating safer and more effective schools
  • Focuses on improving the entire school system
  • Applies to everyone within the school setting, including all students, staff, and family members.

PBS Implementation: A Multi-Tiered System of Support

Continuum of Services visual display of the components percentagesComponents:

  • 80 % 
    • Classroom Consultation
    • Classroom Level PBS
    • Universal PBS
  • 15 %
    • Small Groups Mentoring
    • Check in/out
  • 5 % 
    • [FBA] Functional Behavioral Assessment
    • [BIP] Behavior Intervention Plans

What families can expect from PBS

  • Opportunities to ask questions and discuss concerns related to PBS
  • Opportunities to provide feedback and input on Tier 1 PBS practices (e.g., Tier 1 expectations, reward system, discipline procedures)
  • Positively stated expectations posted around the school
  • Expectations and rules that are taught and encouraged
  • Information and updates on Tier 1 behavior data 
  • Data-based problem-solving by the school team to inform PBS implementation
  • Administration (Principal, AP, Dean, SAM) participation in PBS implementation and encouragement for family and community member participation

The S.P.A.R.K. Expectations

  • Show Respect
  • Praise each other
  • Act safely and responsibly
  • Rise to the task
  • Kindness always

What does PBS look like at Indian Trails Middle School?

  • All the students are educated in the S.P.A.R.K. Initiatives and the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Systems. 
  • Positive Behavior Rewards
    • Spark Bucks
    • Positive Referrals